What is Dropshipping- Learn the basics and get an overview of the entire process

Joe Cox - Accountant

Written by:
Joseph Cox
Chartered Accountant

Are you interested in starting your own Dropshipping business?

In this podcast, we interview successful dropshipper Julien Coutellier about his business. We learn the basics of dropshipping and get an overview of the entire process and how Julien ended up quitting his day job to became a full-time seller and online entrepreneur.

You can also watch the video on the Ecommerce Joe YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE to watch


Joseph Cox  is a Chartered Accountant and suscessful online entrepreneur.
Starting in 2013 he has launched several successful Private Label/Amazon FBA businesses.

Joe is also a partner in the chartered accountancy firm Ecommerce Accountants LLP based in London and actively works with some of the best ecommerce entrepreneurs in the UK. 

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