Interview with Poppy Scarlett (Founder/Owner) of Self & More – Shopify Seller/Adult Boutique

Joe Cox - Accountant

Written by:
Joseph Cox
Chartered Accountant

In today’s episode, we speak with Poppy Scarlett, the founder of Self & More ( an online adult boutique.

Poppy quit her job at a science publisher in order to start a brand that focuses on normalising and educating people on self-pleasure – Selling adult toys and other merch in the process.

We speak with Poppy about starting an online business, her ecommerce journey & More(!)

Topics covered:
+ Why adult toys?
+ What makes Self & More different to the competition?
+ Black Friday and Cyber Monday
+ Dropshipping
+ Product safety
+ Building a Shopify Store
+ PR + Blogging and Guest Posting
+ Marketing
+ Instagram & Reels
+ Her first sale

Self & More – URLs:


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Joseph Cox  is a Chartered Accountant and suscessful online entrepreneur.
Starting in 2013 he has launched several successful Private Label/Amazon FBA businesses.

Joe is also a partner in the chartered accountancy firm Ecommerce Accountants LLP based in London and actively works with some of the best ecommerce entrepreneurs in the UK. 

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